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The Team | Chuck Francis
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Chuck Francis is a forty-one year veteran of the information revolution and cofounder of Do Diligence® Partners, Inc.. In his role as a Senior Consultant, he leads and participates directly in engagements for the Investment, Technology, Corporate IT, and IT Consulting communities. Since the inception of Do Diligence® Partners, Inc., he has led efforts that ranged from evaluations of several B2B dot-coms and software companies to the development and implementation of strategies for IT and other technology organizations. He also played a critical role in the start-up success of a technical consulting division for a Fortune 50 company. Francis is an acknowledged expert in software development methods and organizations; IT management, processes, and procedures; IT consulting; and client assessment and measurement methods. He has written several articles and spoken on various technology management topics at numerous conferences, such as the Business Week IT Conference.

Prior to his work with Do Diligence® Partners, Francis founded and managed Storm King Consulting, Ltd., a highly successful company that provided management and technology evaluation services to investors and corporations. Leading venture capital and software corporations experiencing technology management problems frequently retained the company to identify and resolve key issues, sometimes asking Francis to personally step in and manage an organization until functioning smoothly.

Francis, who began his career as a systems analyst and programmer in transportation modeling in the early 1960’s, has held several key, high-level management positions where he gained critical insights into the proper role of technology in the solution of business problems. At Sterling Systems in the 1970’s, he directed a large staff of programmers, analysts, and IT managers for major programming, financial modeling, and facilities management contracts for State and US Departments of Energy and Transportation, and various transit agencies throughout the US. In the 1980’s he was Vice President of Technical Services at Morino Associates, a highly successful software company that later became Legent Corporation. In that role he was responsible for software development, technical consulting, education, and MIS services. He was a key player in the company's successful transition from a small, private firm to a major publicly traded software giant. Before forming Storm King Consulting in 1994, he served nearly five years as Vice President of the Information Services Group and Chief Information Officer at COMDISCO, Inc., a Fortune 500 leasing company. There he was responsible for the development of worldwide applications, delivery and management of the entire information systems infrastructure, and technology due diligence for the corporation and the Comdisco Venture Group.
The Team

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