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The Team | Brian Currah
Brian Currah is an integral member of the Do Diligence® Partners, Inc. team, providing Technology Due Diligence and Technology Improvement Assistance Services. In more than 36 years in the software business, Brian has distinguished himself as a technical expert in the design, development, delivery, evaluation, and renovation of complex operating system, information storage, data base, transaction processing, and systems software for a diverse customer base including the Fortune 50 corporations, and major technology companies. He is recognized as an expert in the design, functionality, integrity, security, and maintainability for mission critical operating systems and related systems software and transaction processing systems. And, he is responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of the most complex and sensitive components of numerous highly successful commercial software products. His experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence are highlighted in testimonials like that in a recent referral letter from one of the world’s most successful technology firms. “Mr. Currah has made business contributions of major significance in the field of large operating systems security, and his services have been, and continue to be, critical and essential to fulfilling our commitment to provide secure products to our customers.”

As head of his own technology consulting firm, BDC Computer Services Inc., Brian has worked extensively with IBM Corporation, Legent Corporation (formerly Morino Associates, Inc.), Computer Associates International, Inc., U.S. Department of Transportation, Do Diligence® Partners, Inc., Performance Associates, Inc., as well as numerous finance and insurance companies in the U.S and Canada. Brian has collaborated with Do Diligence® Partners, Inc. since its inception in 1996, and with its principals for over 25 years.

  • As a software evaluation expert, focusing on the architecture, design, and implementation aspects of operating systems, applications, networking software, transaction processing software, and systems software, he has completed dozens of in-depth evaluations, including:

  • Comprehensive architecture and code-level evaluations of all components of IBM’s flagship operating system as part of a major quality improvement project,

  • Rigorous and regular code reviews of systems software that extends and enhances the critical functionality in major operating systems software,

  • Detailed code evaluation of a complex, automated Y2K conversion product,

  • Comprehensive code review of an enterprise, distributed systems backup product,

  • Dozens of intellectual property, trade secret, patents and copyright protection analyses for a complete range of software products and technologies,

  • In-depth analyses of enterprise change and configuration management, networking, and storage management systems,

  • Identification of security and integrity exposures for mission critical commercial vendor and internally developed software packages, and Security and Integrity evaluations of all of IBM’s operating systems.

In his role as architect and chief developer, he has been responsible for numerous commercial software products, including:

  • A complex systems software product used by the majority of Fortune 50 companies that generated over $100M in revenue,
  • A comprehensive data base application used by Fortune 2000 companies to ensure high availability of mission critical systems, and

  • Commercial software designed to help IT organizations select and evaluate enterprise storage subsystems that support ever-increasing storage demands at Fortune 2000 companies.
The Team

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